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ESTORIL 136 M2 model - 4 bedrooms-TERRACE

Exterior Dimensions: 8 X 17  m 
Wall thickness: 3 VERSIONS

Living with nature around is incredible and wooden houses are perfect for this, being unique spaces that adapt very well to any environment or setting, both due to their construction and their design. In this regard, our Estoril wooden house is one of the best, a residence that pleases any taste.

The Estoril wooden house stands out for its special design, it has a small but cozy terrace and windows that allow natural light to pass into the interior, which is very spacious. In addition, the wood is resistant, strong and durable offering the ideal protection, it is the house that everyone wants to have.

Wooden house  "ESTORIL, 136 m2", 

External dimensions: 8 x 17 m  

  • Wall thickness: 44mm-70mm-DOUBLE 44MM

  • Wall height: 230 cm

  • Total height: 365 cm

  • Inner surface: 108  m2 + 20 m2 (terrace) 

  • Eave outlet: 100 cm

  • Floor thickness: 19mm-optional 28mm

  • Roof thickness: 19mm-optional 28mm

  • Roof surface / Slope: 153 m² / 19º

  • Glass: Double with air chamber  4-20-4 mm 

  • Door measurements: interior  6x 85cm x 194 cm

  • Exterior: 160  x 194 cm 

  • Window measurements:  6 x 137 cm x 103 cm;  2 * 75 x 103 cm;

  • Tilt-and-turn window 

  • Window rain guard: metal 





VERSION 44MM      € 27.160 


VERSION 70 MM     € 33.890





A concept of home in harmony with nature

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