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 Wall slats with the Brockhouse cut  in the corners for better resistance to wind and rain.
• Double tongue already from 34 mm wall thickness to ensure a more insulating house.
• We use only solid wood for the roof and floor boards, most of which are 19mm thick.
• Foundation beams are strong and autoclaved for solid construction and durability.
• Strong straps, designed calculating with snow load.
• Protection against storms on windy days: wind slats  o threaded rods.
• Several pavilions have pre-installed wall and roof elements, which significantly facilitate and speed up the installation of the house.
• The quality of our doors and windows is the best in its class: laminated wood door frames, stainless steel covered low door sill, tilt-and-turn windows, real glass and wide corridors. The type of doors and windows used in each model is marked separately.
Fittings included in the pack

A concept of home in harmony with nature

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